Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.



James Ricketts is a professional, yet upbeat individual who craves creativity, cherishes inspiring others through great design, and revels in collaboration and exceeding expectations.

Independently, James has created his own thriving design business—FewMany Design House—from which his artistic productions serve many clients from a variety of industries. James uses software ranging from Adobe Creative Suites to a handful of HTML editors every day.

Freelancing has given James the meaningful opportunity to experience and master countless mediums that he would have otherwise missed, like CO2 laser engraving and rapid prototyping with 3D printing. These skills have further motivated James to pursue his passion for creating functional, user-friendly design. He is versed in mobile applications, having created 14 iOS applications. James has worked with startups by collaborating to develop web UI/UX with cutting edge concepts. Designed banners, email newsletters and store promotions for a diverse pool of online retailers.

James is a markedly quick learner with the ability to organize and rapidly orient to new projects. He is an independent, analytical thinker with a multidisciplinary approach that pulls together his wide range of skills and knowledge to complete projects before sensitive deadlines. He has effective prioritizing skills and can multi-task productively when necessary.

James loves to paint and does so on a regular basis, often applying his painting abilities for professional projects. Being able to create art of all kinds, whether an elaborate catalog using Adobe InDesign or a simple painting with watercolor. Art has always been a repository of happiness in his life. James uses his passion for creativity to draft a creative life in industries of design. His ideology is simple. If James desire success, he does not aim for it. Rather, James does what he loves, works hard and trust that success will follow naturally.

From his extensive background working in sales, James has a wealth of experience in communicating and interacting with everyone in a friendly, professional manner. The strong, steadfast managerial positions James has had over the course of nine years has provided him with invaluable knowledge on what it means to work hard, persevere, and excel. James values the mission of his clients. I am confident that in choosing James you will have made a brilliant decision.


Berkeley, CA 94710


(714) 350 - 6560