Top to bottom website design for Ewunike—independent jewelry creations unique pieces of wearable art using reclaimed resources. The branding created is strong, bold, feminine like her art. All branding, marketing, photography and more done in-house.

Totem Logo

Totem Logo

Inspired by her indigenous roots, the EWUNIKE totem looks back to her heritage and forward to the future of her artist endeavors. The spacing for the 'E' beginning and ending the totem is justified to keep a uniform look, resulting in abstract eyes looking both back and forward in time. The cursor, that establishes the stable base of the totem, like the blinking cursor of word document, waits ready for input to create what's next.

Suspended In Air

Suspended In Air

Photoshoot with post-production editing on Photoshop. Ewunike's jewelry has a spacey, supernatural aesthetic with earth tones paired with metallics, and difficult to identify materials. Reactions to the jewelry is bewilderment, as customer's perceptions are shattered when they discover the materials are not what they imagined.